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Division 8 of APA and SPSP, Inc. Membership Distinctions:

SPSP Inc. was established as an organization independent of APA (including Division 8 of APA) in 1975. Memberships in SPSP Inc. and in Division 8 of APA are, therefore, independent and are applied for in separate and different ways. People may be a member of one organization, the other, or both.

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?Membership process:

  • To become a Division 8 of APA member,?individuals must apply via the APA website, meet APA's membership criteria, AND indicate interest in becoming a member of APA Division 8, which?requires an?additional $5?paid directly to APA beyond?regular APA dues.?
  • To become an SPSP Inc. member?or to renew membership, dues?are paid directly to?SPSP Inc.

Membership benefits?differ between Division 8 of APA and SPSP, Inc:?

  • As an?APA Division 8 member, individuals qualify for the?APA Convention?member registration rate, while being a member of SPSP Inc., by itself, does not. APA Division 8 members also qualify for reduced rates?for APA journals?(e.g., JPSP).
  • As an?SPSP Inc. member,?individuals qualify for the?SPSP Convention?member registration rate. Being a member of APA Division 8, by itself, does not qualify people for that rate. In addition, members of SPSP Inc.?receive complimentary SPSP Inc. journals?(e.g., PSPB, PSPR) as well as SPPS. ?See the "membership categories" page for more information about membership ?dues and categories.?