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Big Data in Personality and Social Psychology


Program Co-Chairs:

John Jost headshot

John T. Jost
New York University, USA

Sandra Matz headshot

Sandra Matz
Columbia University, USA

Jason Rentfrow headshot

Peter J. Rentfrow
University of Cambridge, UK



When: August 2-4, 2019

Where: St. Louis Missouri (Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark)

Who: SPSP members and non-members, students and non-students, academics and non-academics—anyone interested in the theme of the Forum.


Big Data in Personality and Social Psychology

In this two-day forum, which will combine elements of a scientific conference and a hands-on workshop, we will address issues of (a) data acquisition, including means of harvesting data from Twitter and other social media platforms as well as mobile technologies such as smartphones and wearables, (b) data analysis, including techniques for semantic analysis, feature-extraction, spatial analysis, and machine learning, and (c) data interpretation, including theoretical applications to the study of individual differences, social influence, social network structure and function, and other traditional and nontraditional areas of social, personality, and political psychology.

Important Dates:

Summer Forum Registration & Housing Open: March 2019
2019 Summer Psychology Forum: August 2-4, 2019


If you have questions, email Andrew Alix at meetings@ NBA Betting www.loganretirementhomes.com, or by phone at 202-869-3246.

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