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Daniel Gilbert receives Campbell Award
The Donald T. Campbell Award is presented to Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D., at the SPSP 2018 Annual Convention.

The Senior Career Contribution Awards recognize sustained contributions across long and productive careers. Each award honors a different type of career contribution:

  • The Application of Personality and Social Psychology Award honors an individual with applied discoveries and advances to the understanding and improvement of important practical problems
  • The Block Award recognizes research accomplishment in personality psychology
  • The Campbell Award recognizes research accomplishment in social psychology
  • The Career Contribution Award honors a scholar with major contributions to social and/or personality psychology or to bridging these areas together, and recognizes those who have been under-recognized
  • The Distinguished Scholar Award honors a scholar whose research contributions do not fit within prototypical social or personality research areas
  • The Methodological Innovator Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to innovative methods

For additional information about each senior career contribution award, please visit the individual awards pages.